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Centers on Kate Gosselin and her 8 children. In. TV Series — — Episode guide. Episodes


I'm sorry this happened to her in her own yard, but then again, if she doesn't know the cameras are out there by now, she needs to wise up. And, yes, TLC is reading these blogs, because the day after all the posts about her not holding her own children's hands, she appeared with Cara holding her hand in every photo--amazing how the paps are always there at just the right time. They have more than earned this after so many thoughtless selfish years of filming, photos, etc.

Kate plus 8

Yesterday was not the first time she went without high heels. Why no money in the college funds with her financial set up is simply selfish and completely negligent, considering her other 8 costars draw the crowds, and deep down, I think she knows that she has nothing to offer that anyone would be remotely interested in. Finally, singing Kate, of course she has to USE her kids as the back up as no one cares what she does.

People have herTLC knows it, and they are counting on being able to manipulate the public. After all, she DOES run five miles every day, and this is a week of record-breaking temps.

fit female Sophie

And she plays a "role" as a mother, which, she was never cut out for. Sad but true. This needs to kate. Great mom, I think not. How reliable is USmagazine? And now, after the criticism of the hooker heels and high-heeled flip-flops, she is in flat flip-flops in the pics. Kate is nude saying she is working to "provide for her children.

And insists that the kids be filmed come hell or high water, with all of her insane narcistic behavior. Now look at her running around in front of Steve and his teenage sons. Thanks Mona- Which brings us back to why she could not have thrown on a cover up before prancing out front?! So it's not because people on anti Kate blogs complained. The kids were running around laughing and having fun, playing hide-and-seek.

Gosslin she specify that she only ran outside in the heat and not inside on the treadmill?

Pop culture

That third picture looks like she's nude from the waist up. Kate- Leave your kids alone. Those aren't in front of the house.

sexual singles Haley

She is really a nobody without her kids and she knows it. I wish one of you would just pick a name and go with it. We already know that most of your bills are paid, so go out on your own and leave the kids out of your selfish need to "provide. Jamie is a TLC bought-and-paid for "friend," so that Kate will appear more normal. If Steve's wife was not there, and Kate was wearing that bikini She's either making a play for him or they're already a couple, although I find it very difficult to believe she has any interest in intimacy.

Jon and kate plus 8

Kate, branch out on your own without filming your. I say againsomething is up because where was Steve's wife? She has done this before without any thought of how her kids would feel with the world seeing her nearly naked. Kate Gosselin is never, ever going to give up. I know many think Kate doesn't like men, but she and Steve are way too close.

I wonder what follows absurd!!!! I truly feel sorry for them that someone could ever be so selfish to put them in this position.

lovely woman Thalia

If Kate is so great, she can make her own living without the. I'd be wiling to bet neither Steve nor his wife were there. OK - I wish I knew how many anonymous people are posting here - because the above comment sure sounds gosslin speculating to me. Deep down, the kids are Kate's financial security blanket, as she knows deep down, she is not good at anything without her. Normal people spend holidays with their families.

Everything about this situation is manufactured by TLC to change Kate's innate image in order to protect their investment in Kate. She misuses words all the time and says "I" when she should say "me. I wonder what Steve's son's girlfriend though of Kate running around in a flesh colored bikini?

I'm just waiting for the pics to come out this week of her running five miles in degree temperatures heat indexexcessive heat warnings. Radar, as usual, loves to comment on her body when the real story here is the Neild kate sans Mrs. Neild at a holiday celebration. Let's see how you do. Good points Desperate Kate. Do your Twisted Kate or Twist of Kate show, and let your kids have a normal childhood. I'm not giving Kate credit--I don't think she's that smart.

Kate gosselin and her kids will have a ‘bittersweet’ last thanksgiving in their family home

Kate's compass is all about what she thinks will earn money those pesky photographers she keeps calling to earn moneyregardless of any impact it will have on her. Provide for who??? Kate had a boob job and botox or eyelift- own it- people are not morons. My money is on Khate and Jamie having their own personal "fireworks" show.

stunner women Samantha

God help these kids in trying to defend their mother's vanity shots and insane behavior. She covered herself up on the beach.

cutie milf Aitana

It's far more acceptable for her to be banging another woman's husband than it is for her to be having a more than platonic relationship with a divorced single woman. Throwing this "story" out there about Steve is just a way to get people speculating about the 2 of them. Also, about the high heeled flip flops. Kate gives the paps a photo shoot, Kate gets paid. This attention whore will never go away. I am sure the kids would love to have their privacy back as any normal child would.

It's unusual for her to touch her children. She's on the side of the house where the paps can't get a pic, notice the gas meter, phone junction box and all the other utility meters going into the house.

Jon and kate gosselin's kids are now in the 11th grade, and here's what they look like today

Her bills are minimal as she has managed to have pretty much everything paid for by sponsors- food, clothing, shelter, endless freebies. The whole thing has passed ridiculous and is now just absurd!! As a parent, provide for your kids without exploiting them with all of the world gosslin see.

Staged Pics. This is exactly what they kate. However, the reality star, 35 - who last week denied having any nude surgery except for a tummy tuck - was snapped briefly prancing around in a skimpy bikini. She needs them so people would actually watch her in any capacity. The View -had absolutely nothing to contribute but lies Joy and Whoopie and many many others have her. If she thinks that this is attractive. I'd like to add that she is soooo different now than when married to Jon. Remember when she surprised Jon with that Florida trip, just the two of them?

Well, if anybody on the planet ever wondered what Kate looked like "au natural", the wondering is over.

cutie madam Whitney

Since she thinks she looks so great, here is an idea. The kids that she loves so dearly pardon the sarcasm are being denied an important, primary relationship with their grandparents and aunts and uncles thanks to Kate's selfishness.

Playboy rejects kate gosselin

Kate has no relationship with her family and has not spent gosslin single holiday with ANY of them in the kate history of the show, except for Jodie and Kevin, and she had them removed from the show. Seriously, what does this woman have to offer other than her nude delusional ego, and exploiting and earning a living off her children's backs. Please don't give her this much credit. Height of sublime narcissism to think wearing so little in front of your children and supposed guests at a pool party is in anyway ok - especially when you truly know that cameras are popping.

No one is that smart. Narcicism is a bitch! If my niece and nephew had ever seen pictures like this of their mother on the internet, they would have tied a handkerchief to a stick and left home. But the people on this particular blog are three steps ahead of TLC. And that's not true.

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