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  • Years old:
  • 40
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  • Man
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  • I'm lady
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  • My figure features is quite athletic
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  • Brandy
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  • Classical
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  • Shopping


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The big bulging muscles of Kurtis fucking the smooth bubble butt of Justin just seemed like heaven. This was one of the easiest scenes to shoot.

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These two have a fire that is fucking electric. Put it in me now, he demanded. He pulled out his dick and swallowed it whole. Kurtis is a bisexual jock whose sexuality has skewed gayer and gayer with each passing scene he has done. Then Kurtis pulls and nuts. His body was slamming, so we decided to let him show it off in the gym. Well cut to months later and these two got to talking, and they came to me with a proposition. You shower, you get dressed you go to set and then you fuck. And he cannot wait for his first taste of on screen man on man action. Be sure to check out the free gayporn trailer here at Randy Blue.

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Ever since these two graced the internet s of Randy Blue, everyone has been demanding the same thing of me. He started to moan. He pulled out and before he could come, Justin swiveled around and took it in his mouth. There is a reason why these two are the some of the best gay porn stars out there.

This was getting to be too much for him. They kissed and snowballed as Justin edged closer. Justin sat down and grabbed onto Kurtis. Kurtis confronts him, and Dustin admits Kurtis he has a crush on him. After this scene, nothing will be the same. He lifted his legs in the air so he could get access to his ass at the wolfe time. Dustin tries to be coy, but he cannot help but take a peek as Kurtis goes to the bathroom. Kurtis has been helping Dustin with some workout tips at the gym and has been giving him a ride home. He turned around, pulled out his long naked shaft and started to stroke it.

Dustin Holloway has a crush on Kurtis Wolfe.

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And they said, Both of us. He licked his finger and started to gently finger his hole as he worked his hard pud. I was pretty shocked when I realized they had not done one together. They started to fuck right in the dressing room. Humiliated, Dustin retreats to his bedroom. He pushes Dustin on his back lifts his legs and slides it in. Kurtis slides down on it and has Dustin fuck the bejesus out of him. Every scene starts the same. They told me that they wanted to do a scene together. He spurts a geyser of cum while Kurtis is balls deep inside of him.

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Then Kurtis sucked on Justin and flipped him over and began to rim his sweet ass. Kurtis has a killer body and a sexy sneer that makes you know he is ready to have some fun. Today, Kurtis asks if he can stop in to use the bathroom. After getting a good pump on, he started to strip down.

After his first scene, he told me that he was a total top and would never bottom. He wanted to cum, so he sat up on the work out bench and started to vigorously work his meat. He started to spread his cheeks and rubbed his fingers across his quivering hole.

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He fucked him good and hard every which way until finally he could take no more. He turned around, showing off his tight little bubble butt. Finally he shot all over the gym floor.

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He told me that he liked to top and really did not see himself ever bottoming on camera. They have the wettest deepest kisses and Dustin goes down and devours that cock like he has not eaten in days. Wolfe also has one of the most infectious laughs you will will ever hear. When Austin shoved it in, Kurtis began to make some deep guttural moans I have never heard before. The passion was too much to handle, Austin rode Kurits until he shot all over his chest, and then Kurtis pushed Austin back and came in his face as he lapped it up.

Kurtis naked sat down on the ground and started to jerk himself off. Justin opened up his hole and let Kurtis slide it in. I asked them who the bottom would be. These two were just fucking, and I was the lucky bastard that got to sit there and film it. Dustin sucks up the last drops hanging off of his dick and then feeds it back to Kurtis.

But it looks like these two could not wait to get it on. These two muscular gym bodied hunks just started to go at it.

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He stood up and Kurtis knelt down and drank down his creamy white load of jizz. It is too much for Dustin to bear. There was hot deep throat dick sucking. This is the best hd gay porn video you are going to see in a while. After I picked my jaw up from the floor, I knew I had to get this thing into motion.

As Dustin fucks him doggie, he whispers into his ear if Kurtis wants to fuck him now. But then he gets caught.

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Kurtis was the first to give it up. And you can catch the free gay porn trailer right here at Randy Blue. He was left in just a jock strap with his bulging cock trying to push its way out. His dick needed to be set free. Hard and wet rim jobs and then they each took turns fucking each other. Kurtis admits that he has a crush on Dustin too. Please Let Them Bottom. Austin Wolf was the same way. This is a game changer my friends.

Then as Kurtis sucks on him, he straddles Dustin and takes his cock and begins rubbing it on his ass.

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Kurtis is more than obliged. This boy is hard and ready to go. This is one hot fucking scene. Then when Kurtis stuck his cock deep inside Austin, there was more moaning I never heard before.

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