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As the day challenge begins, deadly crocodiles and territorial leopards circle.


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I mean, ROTC taught her shelter building, fire starting and hunting. Rate this article Currently 0. In the slightest. Photo by: Discovery Channel.

Snooki reveals if she will appear on ‘naked and afraid’

Thus we have the quintessential snake meal and protein for extraction. Nicole wants to build a shelter to protect them from the rain, Angel says he's fine with the rain because he was homeless. Until the rain comes in. Yet she runs back to camp to apologize and promise to be a better partner. Nicole lost 20 pounds and her PSR 6. to a friend.

Snooki reveals if she will appear on ‘naked and afraid’

Angel lost 33 pounds and his PSR rose to 8. It wasn't warranted. After meeting, Angel, who was homeless for 5 years and went barefoot for a year, and Nicole, a nursing student fluent in survival skills thanks to the ROTC, have to hike 5 miles through dried brush to find water. Search RealityWanted News Loading. All rights reserved.

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They come across a much larger body of water and decide they are happy in their new home. This includes the red tailed boa and the tarantula called "horse biter" because of it's ability to take down a horse with its venom.

Naked and afraid – bad blood

Angel's claim to survivalist training is being homeless and born in Puerto Rico. So she goes for a boa Lucky for her it strikes her stick and not her ankle. It's the worst drought in 32 years which means the more vicious predators are the more prominent ones.

It's not obvious wether or not he actually believes Nicole has no survival skills or if he's just an ass. Constantly questioning her skills cannot be good for her psyche.

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Trying to move on, Angel makes a huge trap for cayman but it's Nicole who catches a turtle for dinner. Remember that first quote? Remember Me up here Lost your password? Before the opening scene we hear a conversation between Angel and a producer, "If someone becomes violent your best defense is to pick up one of these cameras so there's documentation".

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All while listening to him tell her she should be better and faster. And then loses it. However, Nicole does claim to be completely out of energy on day 1 so maybe her skills are actually lacking. Go back to the .

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And the scarceness of water means that what water that is left standing is home to dangerous cayman. Yes, but it's not who you think Angel from California and Nicole from Massachusetts are in the arid lake-bed of Nicaragua.

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They finally decide to search for a new camp after Nicole gets stung by a scorpion twice on her neck, which Angel calls "a bee sting". Are we in for another psycho?

Nicole terry

It's clear during the first few days that Angel likes to push Nicole's buttons consistently. But nonetheless, he is condescending and borderline mentally abusive.

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Anyone else sensing more sexism? And it wasn't easy because all they find once they reach the lake is dried and cracked dirt.

Naked and afraid – bad blood

He claims he isn't interested in doing things for her because she is used to "having a maid do everything". Angel's PSR is 7. Currently 0. Remember Me. up here Lost your password?

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I am going to live blog this episode below.


T he Discovery Naked and Afraid season continues with Nicole Terry and Angel Rodriguez stripping naked in the lake beds of Nicaragua to see if they can survive 21 days with just a couple of tools.


That said, I do have a few new ventures as well.


I am going to live blog this episode below.