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After stepping on a yellowjacket nest, Duke Brady learns that nature can be painful. There are bugs. There is horrible weather. Last season, the closest contestant the show has ever had to a superhero, Matt Wrightwas felled by a flesh-eating bacteria. Just ask Duke Brady. To any men who have read thus far, we apologize.


But we would keep eating it because we were so hungry. It made me think back to prehistoric man. I was the token gay. But as time went on, we grew accustomed to it. Eighty-five pounds of armor, two-thousand pound horses, and eleven-foot solid wood poles.

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At the time, he was the first openly gay man to be featured on a Discovery Channel show. The year-old horse trainer last appeared on the cover of this magazine in May,just after returning from his first reality TV series, Out of the Wildin which a group of survivalists were left in central Alaska, the endgame being to find their way out.

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MW: If you get sick during one of these shows, are they liable or do you a waiver? I dropped it and I was just wearing a tube sock. In Africa, we had to feed the fire all night long to keep the predators away. You just have to be really cautious the whole time. Granted, they grew up with that.

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To protect themselves, the contestants had to build a perimeter around their camp. He immediately thought of me. I feel like I offer something special. A friend of mine, her boyfriend, was asked to do it.

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Granted, our other foods were grubs and things like that, so it tasted amazing in comparison. That definitely got their attention. Nodar was part of that show as well, and his resourcefulness plus his TV-ready good looks made him an ideal candidate for XL. You have to reset everything that you know and relearn everything.

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I feel like, as a man, you have to say that. They throw a spear at it and it just bounces off it. He was not felled by toxic bacteria consumed from a rank, excrement-filled watering hole. Remind us how that worked?

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It was definitely hard to sleep through that. When you go hunting for them, you take a long piece of grass and just go around the outside of their hole. I helped her out quite a bit. Of course, I found the smallest pair possible.

It could have been three weeks. When I stripped down, my testicles fell out the side of them. The show is actually extolling, as I see it, the positive elements of humanity rather than looking for the worst in people. This is their way of life. The main reason for that was the Amazon had very little options in the way of hunting. We had guns, which makes hunting a little bit easier. After day one, you could see she was a little overwhelmed with the seriousness of the situation.

I was out there with some incredible people.

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In Alaska, we had clothes, which was nice. I think everybody was shocked that I was able to do some serious damage. MW: The men on the show, and even some of the women, all tout their hunting skills. Skilled outdoorswoman. Even the people that do have a lot of hunting skills, most of them do not have experience with primitive hunting.

Thorns, insects. I just need a positive attitude. They asked him if he knew anybody outdoorsy and crazy enough to want to do this. You just are always guessing. You have to keep pushing yourself. It was probably the worst pain of my life. She was in over her head, I think. Even during the daylight hours, when a full production crew was capturing their every move, Nodar never quite felt at ease. We would just beat the shit out of each other. We had no way of knowing how it was going to end or when it was going to end.

Went out to LA for interviews and the psych test and evaluation. How the hell did they ever catch anything to eat?

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I like pushing myself. Just the fact that we can turn on the faucet and crank the A. After being in that situation, everything seems amazing. The production company that did the Alaska show was doing this one, and they knew that I had horseback-riding experience. Then I went on a tarantula hunt so we could at least have some protein. MW: Do you need survival skills to even be considered for a show like this? The one thing that was really nice about XL was you knew when the last day was. They asked for a videotape.

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That, in theory, is suppose to keep the animals out. But the odds of hitting something with a bullet versus chucking a little wooden pole is a little bit more likely. It goes on throughout the entire night. NODAR: We lived primarily off heart of palm, which, side note, will make you very constipated if you eat too much of it.

On paper, it seemed like we were going to be very compatible. I would go hunting every day and never see any s of animals. We brought it up several times in Africa as we were sitting there bitching about the heat and the lack of food.

Went through casting. You can sit in a hunting blind for ten hours straight. I knocked him hard off his horse and I was on target — they wear a small target on their breastplate, and if you hit it, you get 10 points. The first time, they put me against a guy with eleven years jousting experience just to knock me out.

It is just non-stop scanning the horizon, constantly being on the lookout.

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It could have been two weeks later. We had next-to-no protein. With XL it wasdegrees. It seems one of the purest forms of competition.

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Being out there, I knew that I was capable of doing it. Figured what the hell, why not? MW: There are people in this world who live in similar conditions. Then chop off the lower parts of their legs, but the rest is edible. He did not get poisoned by a scorpion — though he did get stung. They ask to see you in your underwear. It happened very quickly after that.

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I got knocked off my horse twice, really hard. I had to hang from tree branches. It also takes a special kind of person to want to put themselves in situations where they are in such obvious peril. I like being outside of my comfort zone.

We were also dealing with snow and below-freezing temperatures. She really turned around. We got through the challenge together, and built a raft, and ended up paddling out of the swamps out into the Amazon River. I just screamed at the top of my lungs, and I forced out a football.

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I ended up making it to the semifinals and then had my ass handed to me. You have nothing. Zebras make a very bizarre sound. Great times.

Watch a 'naked and afraid' contestant get stung by a wasp on the tip of his penis

That was a miserable job. MW: It was different in your first show, Out of the Wild. Even having a sheet over you or something that simple makes you feel covered and protected.

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Crazy heat.

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When the Discovery Channel invited me to audition for its popular survival-challenge reality show, I knew it was going to be rough.


Barak is anxious about the size of his penis.


Survival enthusiast, and emergency medical responder, Duke Brady ed up for the day challenge and was dropped deep in the Florida wilderness for the season 9 premiere.