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Any employer that has access to a at such a site would then be able to access "public" content within the site.

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I'm always a little careful about what I post on a social networking site, but in the past mostly just to try not to offend or be rude, etc to any of my "friends" quoted because I don't actually know the majority of my "friends" on FB. However, several months ago something happened that kind of drove home the point that you never know who is reading what you post.

The judge is doing exactly what he should…only what is relevant to the case is allowed. What do you think?

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For instance in Facebook, if your content is "public", then anyone that can to Facebook can see it, but not the general "public" of anyone on the internet. In this particular case the outcome was a good one, as the software issue got resolved quick, fast and in a hurry after that. With luck Europe and the UK will be sensible about this. It also isn't completely "private", but people that do have "inside" access, via a ToS-approvedcould potentially be persuaded to divulge content to a employer, which might or might not be "legal". Free Trials. This growth in employer surveillance has been met with some state laws to protect employees from being forced to hand over their social media passwords, such as one recent law passed in Illinois.

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I assume the vendor was actively searching for any posts that had their company name or one of their product names in them, regardless of who posted it. If you're going to sue someone for emotional distress or whatever, whether they be an evil corporation or an individual, do they not deserve to defend themselves? You are equating the privacy expectations of Facebook to a diary locked away in your home?

Businesses who choose to delve into Social media have been badly burned — and righfully so.

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If they have to engage in bullying or abusive behavior towards the IT workers at a customer site to protect their perceived self-interests, then they will do so. Thank you for exposing Danielle's short comings as a potential employee. Within a Social Media site that requires registration andthere may be "public" settings. If you believe that the things you post on the internet on a social networking site are "private" you are a fool. Recommended re. In no way will I ever make my profile public, or any of my posts public.

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I don't remember this phenomenon until recently. Perhaps this is the facebook for business?

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: Would you open a sexy sitting in your business inbox? This is crazy, can the US courts also allow your employer to search your house or demand that you hand over your personal paper diary? I hope I am right!

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Cancel reply Comment Name Website. We should just shut our brains off from anything unrelated to "work" and become mindless zombie slaves. Listen now.

Home depot card breach, nude photo hacks renew security concerns

Follow NakedSecurity on Twitter for the latest computer security news. XG Firewall. I might complain about stuff on FB, but there is no reasonable excuse for employers to snoop into my own personal business. A few Australian businesses have learned the hard way that business isn't social, and social isn't business and people have punished businesses very badly for putting up profiles on Facebook, and then asking to be liked.

But the point is, if you might be concerned about how something you post may be used today, tomorrow or 5 years from now, then you probably shouldn't post it at all. They didn't ask him to remove it which he did anywaythey said they just wanted a chance to correct the issue. Linked-in is also a professional network — not social.

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Have you listened to our podcast? It was ly understood that the interent is public domain. Hitman Pro Find and remove malware. But it drove home the point about watching what you post.

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Intercept X for Mobile Protect Android devices. What they are allowing is tantamount to the same thing. Home Depot requested a broad array of social media context in order to vet this isolation, as well as what Mailhoit claimed was post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Home Depot was denied simply because its requests were overly broad, not because the judge considered the request an affront to privacy.

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I know I won't be looking to employ her in any position. Screw it, let's just do away with any social activities and communications over all. From recent research it is my belief that Facebook would be in breach of the UK Data Protection Act should it hand over any information on UK residents.

Sep Aug Magistrate Judge Suzanne H. She filed a suit against her employer, charging unlawful discrimination based on gender, as well as failure to accommodate her known physical disability. Even if the first part of this category, which seeks communications relating to "any emotion," could be understood to encompass only communications containing specific emotive words which the request does not identifythe category would still arguably require the production of many materials of depot relevance, such as a posting with the statement "I hate it when my cable goes out.

Intercept X. For Home Users. The reality is that some software companies will use whatever means they feel naked to protect their interests and profits, including bullying, or worse e. If you are required to register and agree to Terms of Service ToS at a social networking site, and then before posting comments, they are not completely "public" in the sense that any basic internet access will provide access to the content in question.

If such workers are unionized, they union may be able to provide some additional "free speech" protections, at least as related to federal protection of "labor organizing" in the USA. Business need to get their noses out of people's priavte 'social' lives.

Just because you have an expectation of privacy home doesn't mean some stupid law won't be passed tomorrow that is the opposite of your expectations.

Judge denies home depot’s demand for worker’s emotion-laden facebook posts

Please note that it may still be that case at least in the USA that Union organizing is still a special, federally protected, form of "free speech" that can help to protect workers from predatory or abusive treatment from employers. Free Security Tools. What this might mean is that workers that feel that their legal free speech rights are being infringed upon by predatory or abusive employers might be able to receive some additional, if not all encompassing, protections on free speech related to labor organizing that they would not otherwise have access to as non-union workers.

When did people get this delusional belief that posting on the internet is somehow not posting in public? A co-worker posted a complaint about one of our software vendors not providing good customer service there was a little more to the post than just this, but that was the main point of it.

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The next day at work he got a call from that software vendor, because they read his post and didn't like the content of it. It's shit like this that makes me want to drop all social media networks.

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Product Demos.

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It was first posted by Krebs on Security — a website that focuses on cyber security — after it noticed a large amount of stolen credit and debit card data posted for sale online.


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