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  • Age:
  • 28
  • Ethnicity:
  • Zambian
  • Caters to:
  • Guy
  • I understand:
  • Russian
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  • My figure type is quite thin
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  • Electronic
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  • No


Paddy O'Brian. Everything seems to indicate that this gay nurse could not resist seeing his patient's naked body, he got so horny that he ended up fucking him in a brutal way, right there in his office. Fucking bareback until he cums on her ass 8 min Fucking hard the ass to this latin so submissive 9 min Gagging his gay servant and fucks him in the living room 10 min 5.


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If your never-nude policy prevents you from getting the treatment you need, you really need to figure out your priorities. Oh well, at least I am one of the few people who go to the beach just to be on the beach…FML….

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To answer the question simply, for me, it was never about how sexy or unsexy a person is. I left him alone until I could find a male nurse to help him.

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Though I much preferred working in a female-only ward. Nurses become desensitized to the sexiness of a naked body.

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I was walking on the beach, amused at the look of awe on my friends face as he stared at the half naked people on the beach. The medical staff will respect your wishes and find a way to make you feel comfortable. In fact I felt anxiety when I was ased to the male ward in the hospital I worked for.

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We are taught to cover the patient and expose only the necessary parts of the body for the procedure at hand. The patient swatted my hand away as I was about to put the catheter on for him.

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It was difficult to work there as a new nurse. You most likely look just as normal as a clothed person to the nurse that probably saw hundreds of naked people before you and still has hundreds more to come after you.

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To me there was nothing hot about it. As time passed I felt less and less awkward about it. Someone asked me what nurses think about when their patients undress. While people often say you can never see too many naked people, I have a feeling I am not the only nurse that would disagree on that sentiment. Seeing so many naked people has its side effects on nurses though.

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They called it the snake park. Basically, if you look like the picture in the anatomy and physiology book, then there is nothing to see and we eagerly move along. I was actually grateful that he refused to let me help him. Female nurses have an easier time dealing with female patients than they do with males.

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Also we are taught in nursing school to do our best to preserve the dignity of the patient. That includes, keeping the patient dressed or at least partially dressed most of the time. Then there are the freakishly obese, absurdly skinny and deformed people — I admit to gasping inwardly at the sight of some of these bodies.

Basic anatomy intact — nothing special.

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Nurses and naked men.


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I was glad I came into work this morning when my next patient walked in, he was a young man with a great body and I was hoping to get a good look.


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