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  • 21
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  • Syrian
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  • Fat
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They stroll on stage and read passages from classics naked. T he Naked Boys Reading collective is what it says on the tin: a literary salon in which naked men read.


And, you know, I just wanted to know things like: What works on stage?

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After every show, I also send out a little survey to anybody who purchased the tickets online. It was a two week run, and it was very popular. We hit it off very quickly, personality wise. Our show is not a play or a musical, but there are parallels. I invited her to be the curator for the very first show, because I knew she would have the right sort of perspective. So, all that was sort of the context in which we are operating.

What do you think? Just about every show has since sold out in advance, or came very close to it. And I thought, what the hell is this? And they only got seven or eight at the audition!

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And, again, it sold out. I think his brain is kind of speedy like mine! So I contacted Rhapsody again and said: Not only would I like you to curate it, but would you be interested in hosting the show? It takes probably 60 to 90 seconds to complete. So really not a big surprise there. I invited everybody from the burlesque and local community theater scenes that I knew.

I had not heard of it, but inthe local queer community theater group in Ottawa, Toto too Theatre Companyput on a production of Naked Boys Singing. She selected a bunch of readings that were related to the concept of being wet, or water.

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You have a person on stage telling a story, but also using emotions to convey a reading— in a very vulnerable. So, how did the idea for a Naked Boys Reading chapter in Ottawa get started? So, we had some really fun and interesting readings. JR: Damn! Secondly, I do want to have a broader audience, and I want to be able to draw from the burlesque scene in particular.

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And he recognized that what Ottawa had were a of bigger stages for a community theater and small band shows and things like that. Like, dude, this is getting ridiculous! It sold out. And so I invited Rhapsody Blue. I think that it gets people interested in the performing arts.

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JR: Why? RT: For a couple of reasons. These are the basic parameters. But people just started coming out of the woodwork. It is the seat of our government, and we have two universities and two colleges, and so on.

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Who hosts? You know, winter is hard in Ottawa, and January will probably suck too.

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But then, there was a huge line at the door! And so it was a very quick, probably a 15 minute Skype chat, at which point I had everything I needed. Is this something related to Naked Boys Singing? Thank you for supporting the performing arts on a local level. That sold out. Both laugh. Laughs It turns out we had a nice informal Skype chat. But he wanted to create a space that was small or medium, so that people who are just getting their start or people who want to try new things had a venue for that too.

It nearly sold out every night. One, our population is smaller. It was very small. And so this fellow, Michaelstarted to do Naked Boys Reading in that venue. Advance ticket sales were only about a third of the capacity of the venue.

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That was July, Ottawa pride is in August every year. Each month features a different theme, with a Special Guest Curator who selects the readings for the cast. The owner of that bar, Lawrence, is himself a gay man and he is a theater guy naked. You may be familiar with that show. It goes back even further. Naked Boys Reading features a rotating cast of readers each month, featuring a varied cast of all sexual orientations, ethnicities, men, and body types. He started that bar around It is a performing space environment. October was a Halloween show with the readers wearing nothing but makeup.

It was hard to pin him down. She hosted brilliantly. In anticipation of the upcoming Naked Boys Reading show on March 18th, Telfer took the time to speak to me about the history and future of the show, what makes a naked reader, and why so many people are still afraid of seeing a penis on stage…. Do it however you want.

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Anyway, in July ofwe did the very first show. Very few people showed up for the December show. I auditioned to be in the show, and I got cast in the lineup— which was a fairly easy feat because they needed, I think, seven or eight guys to do the show. So, I just sort of arrived at it.

Now of course, there were various little e-mail follow-ups, questions, and things.

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That sold out too. Why not? I just have never been that immersed in local drag culture.

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They sell booze at the bar and men keep all the revenue from that. In fact, Naked Boys Reading already existed in Toronto, but in a very simple, basic way. It was a hangout within that bookstore. We ended up selling out or coming close to it that night. I ask if any particular reader really stood reading. Be sure to check out other kinds of performing arts— because if you like this, you may like that too. I thought we had run our course. And I said, well, Ottawa is not that big.

I really struggled to get seven or eight guys the very first show, and that was including myself and my partner Cameron in the mix. RT: Yes! So, we did a naked community theater production of it. How long does the reader read for? Now, my understanding is that Justin is from New York but moved to London, England to pursue academic endeavors in the area of theater.

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It opens up their eyes and their horizons to naked forms of performing art. At first, I thought it was going to be a flop. JR: Hi, Rick! It had moved to a new location a few years ago with a bar and a coffee shop… and books of course! The very first show we did was in Julyand as I said, I wanted it to be marketed more to a mixed crowd. It originated in New York and ran off Broadway for something like 13 years. Thank you for speaking with me! Anyway, I have reading enjoyed being an event planner and organizer. Rhapsody was curating the readings, but then I was thinking, well, I need a host.

They had a presence online. It was a bit of an abstract, broad concept— but it went over very well. Ottawa men per capita the most educated city in all of Canada. And then December rolled around, and December was a near bust!

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