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In both manga and anime, this is presented in essentially the same way. As it stands, no matter how Attack on Titan ends, its legacy will be a divisive one: a lauded masterpiece to some and despised propaganda piece to others. Soul respects Maka enough to only sexualize her a little bit; the story respects all the male characters enough to not sexualize them at all. But within all the world-changing drama, there is nonetheless room for laughter; the initial three one-shot chapters that established the manga are framed as school-age comedies in a wacky, wonderfully stylized world.

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Please help us pay more people to make great content! Maka and Blair serve as opposites to each other at nearly every turn: Maka is a studious, determined, and sometimes insecure hunter; while Blair is lackadaisical, confident, and just out to have a good time. Furthermore, the anime uses more modest angles and never shows Tsubaki fully nude—from the front, she has a bath towel to protect her.

Mystery solved, but we are left with the peeping problem. Soul Eater was a breakout success for manga artist Ohkubo Atsushi.

It would have been easier and simpler to have Liz and Patti wrapped in full-body bindings like they were becoming mummies themselves, but the story took a detour instead to focus on how sexy the teenage cast is. But—like dust—they build up over time and tarnish an otherwise truly excellent story, lush with creative visual de, vibrant characters, and a gripping plotline.

Liz and Patti must play the roles of comforter and cheerleader to help Kid overcome his mental roadblocks, but all three are fearsome fighters when the situation requires it. Ultimately, Soul was only bluffing so that he could get close enough to Blair for Maka to deliver the finishing blow. The attempts are deliberate in both versions, and the only change in the anime is the addition of towels. The strength of a meister and weapon pair is based on how well they can synchronize their souls.

Perhaps the author does not understand how painful harassment can be for women, or he simply ignores it in favor of a moment of audience titillation. These prologue chapters lean heavily into the ecchi tradition, sexually objectifying the female protagonists both in dialogue and visual representation. Such a close adaptation reinforces the underlying premise that women and girls can be judged on how sexually appealing a man finds their bodies, with their abilities and personalities a distant second.

The manga version of this scene is borderline pornographic: the girls lose their pants and are moments away from losing their underwear as well.

This benefits her character development by indicating a consistent personality driven by forces aside from pleasing male viewers. Please read our comments policy before ing the conversation and if you have any problems. Mission complete, they begin the journey home largely unchanged: Kid again laments that the Thompsons have different cup sizes. The chapter does not open with these abilities, however. While the anime reduces the most egregious visual sexualization, it still strictly adheres to the manga storylines.

However, Soul Eater never objectifies its male characters—even when Soul becomes a literal object. The answer is yes, mostly. And physically, Maka is straight as a pin while Blair is extremely curvaceous.

He fails every mission, spies on her in the bath twiceand brags constantly. Chainsaw Man, a Shonen Jump series by Fujimoto Tatsuki, has its main character, Denji, realize the value in having a strictly platonic relationship with the leading female protagonist, Power. Beginning initially as a series of one-shot chapters set in the same universe, the manga which ran in Monthly Shonen Gangan eventually became successful enough to earn an anime adaptation.

Like this: Like Loading We Need Your Help! Such little character inconsistencies may seem as inconsequential as dust. Can Death the Kid overcome his neuroses to achieve his objective? Interestingly, despite a battle full of acrobatic stunts, this final attack is the only time Maka is subjected to visual sexualization: we see her underwear as she slices Blair in half. Serious and studious Maka is dismissed for not being seductive enough, while patient and competent Tsubaki suffers repeated invasions of privacy, and the hot-headed but loyal Thompson sisters get berated constantly for physical traits outside of their control.

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The other major moment of objectification is when Liz and Patti are caught by the enemy, bondage-style, with their clothes coming off as Kid enters the room. She chooses to weaponize her sexuality, and may even have deed her human form specifically to that end. She can choose to show it as Blair does and become the villainous eye-candy, or she can dress modestly to be a more virtuous receptacle of male lust. Comments are open!

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In the anime, they remain much more clothedbut the structure of the scene is unchanged. Latest Articles Talk What makes a great idol anime? No one seriously intending to win a fight wants their breasts falling out of their shirt in the middle of it, so granting Tsubaki more practical clothes authenticates her desire to become a powerful weapon. However, there is a strong argument to be made that Attack on Titan is a far more nuanced tale than its most vehement critics accuse it of being.

It deals with questions of life and death, insanity, morality, world destruction, and the struggles of being a teenager in the midst of all this violence. Maka is grateful to be able to trust him and, despite loathing the way men sexualize women, does not directly demand Soul change his behavior.

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As one might guess from this setup, the series is intense. It would make sense for the boys to learn how upsetting and constant sexual objectification is, but they never do. The anime, mercifully, removes this. What Soul Eater gains from surface-level sex appeal pales in comparison to the depth of concept evident from its first incarnation.

When Soul seems to have betrayed Maka for Blair and her bodyMaka shouts him down in the middle of the street. He is embarrassed and tries to leave, but the team quickly gets itself in order to take down the cursed pharaoh.

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My Fave is Problematic: Attack on Titan. Reducing a woman or girl to her sexual appeal reduces her humanity and makes her feel powerless, and men often sexualize women who they view as subordinate or in an attempt to make them subordinate. The bondage scene therefore serves no function aside from viewer enjoyment.

It seems that Tsubaki has accepted this violation as a necessary evil in the development of her meister, sacrificing her own right to privacy. Tsubaki, by contrast, is a prodigy who can transform into no fewer than five weapons. Nonetheless, this still embraces the idea that a woman is immediately judged by her body.

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